Sunday, October 30, 2005

For God, Al-Qaeda & Everyone.

In the midst of celebrations over the upcoming Diwali and Id festivals, terrorists have ripped Delhi through a series of blasts killing scores of innocent people. The reason as claimed by a terrorist organisation to various news agencies in Kashmir was due to the so called atrocities committed by the Indian Army. If killing a terrorist ( a person who carries 5 kgs of RDX and Chinese guns ) for the benefit of the security of the citizens of the country is a crime according to Pakistan sponsored ( read ISI ) Human Rights Groups stationed in Kashmir then I am more than willing to take part in that sacred ritual.

God, you know how deeply religious I am . There are some useless idiots fighting over your name. What the heck are you silent for ? How come you are not punishing those who disrupt international peace ? Oh my God ! God just answered that he had enough ! He is going to teach all these inhuman souls a lesson soon . I am waiting :-) !

Al-Qaeda one professional advise - the probability of you guys surviving from
Russian Roulette is more than by that of the Armed Forces . ISI - Don't take advantage of our silence and patience. Human Right Groups behave good . You are being watched by the Big Daddy both in Indian and US.

Politicians my dearest don't use your brains to think. Leave it to the security experts. Give the army and the police full authority to shoot any person found suspicious. ( quite debatable ! ) Increase the number of personnel in para-military and police forces in major metros. ( Recruit more ) . Cut down on your own personal security. As for intelligence we are already excellent.

Let me wish a peaceful Diwali and Id to Everyone. Also praying that we have better times to come and I have better stuff to write about !

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Helping Hand

Its been 20 days since the massive earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck parts of Kashmir and Pakistan and still many parts on either side are yet to receive medicines and relief material. Even the armed forces stationed in parts of Kashmir are in a Catch 22 situation. On one hand they need to rebuild their own bunkers and tents and on the other they need to continuously ensure that the people of Kashmir are taken care of . Over the above they also need to watchout for movement of foreign elements who have made their presence felt more than once during the past few days. ( Where the heck have human rights activist disappeared ? )
As being responsible citizens of this country it is time to make generous contributions for the people in Kashmir. Remember that a one time contribution will be not be of much help unless it is a huge sum. In such himalayan tragedies we need to continuously support the cause whole heartedly. Some useful information for sending donations and relief material :-
There are many other institutions who are collecting relief material and donations. You may also check with your company in case they are planning to do anything concrete. Also one word of caution. Please be also informed that some reports indicate that donations ( local ) have been collected under the pretext of the relief fund only to be found otherwise. Bottomline please check the identity of the person to whom the local donations are made .

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rationality in our Society.

Some days back a person called Punji Ram, an astrologer had made a prediction about his death on a certain day between 3-4 pm. This news was captured by some TV channels who are excellent in creating issues out of nothing. Nowadays to increase their viewership ratings many news channels are more than ready to compromise on research and content.

Coming back to the story the whole day TV channels mobbed his (Mr. Punji Ram) house and were anxiously waiting if his prediction were to come true. They also sought expert advises from other astrologers about the prediction and also some so called rationalists from our society. As the time of 4 PM finally elapsed Mr. Punji Ram was still healthy and alive. The TV channels for some strange reason blamed him for wasting their time and creating a huge drama. They also obviously pointed fingers at Astrology as a Science. Well I feel that there is a great need for eliminating a large amount of superstitions from our society, but discarding Astrology may not be right. Unfortunately proving Astrology as a perfect science is very difficult. I for one believe that Astrology is a science but also admit that there only a few astrologers around who can make accurate predictions. Predicting ones death is just impossible. It is people like Mr. Punji Ram whose irresponsible behavior makes the common man believe that astrology is just a means to cheat people and make quick money. I am not here to endorse Astrology as an subject nor am I helping BJP win elections in Bihar :-)

I remember very vividly that some 15 years back many so called rationalists used to condemn Yoga. They used to say that " Yeh breathing , haat-pav hilane se kuch nahin hota ." But once western people accepted that Yoga indeed creates a remarkable difference, we here in India also slowly moved to adopting this. Another classic example is that of Ayurveda. We do not research our own rich heritage and pass lose comments on the same very happily. But the same when adopted a famous celebrity or endorsed by western scholars it becomes a craze here.

Rationality definitely has its place in our society. But so does research and intelligence.
Don't you agree ?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Does BPO experience count during MBA interviews ?
Well I have been working in the BPO industry for around 24 months now . I had been asked recently by a CAT aspirant on whether he should take up a job in the BPO industry since he was not sure of getting into IIMs this year which requires atleast 98.5 %ile in CAT. He wanted to work for a while and then try for IIMs again. My reply followed.
First of all, if one is able to get 90 - 95 %ile in CAT/ XAT you may still end up in good schools like TAPMI , XIME , NIRMA etc. However if one does not want to get into these schools and want to work in a BPO and write CAT next year to get into IIMs then it would not be a great decision . The fact remains that the BPO industry does not normally provide great job profiles which is essential when one tries to impress during those MBA interviews. During MBA interviews we need to compete with say a CA who has a workex of say 2 years in Andersen Consulting or an Engineer who has been a project lead in Infosys for past one year . At that time a guy with workex from Wipro Spectramind or IBM Daksh would not be preferred. However there have been few examples who have managed to get excellent cat%iles and gain entry into top BSchools. But then there are exceptions everywhere.
However not all the BPOs are the same. For example a company called Evalueserve does a lot of high end BPO work and it can be actually termed as a KPO. Similarly getting to work in the Equity Research or Derivatives team of companies like JP Morgan Chase , Eserve would add a substantial value to your profile. The basic funda is getting a good job profile that is a value addition to your existing sets of skills and also which can be used to climb the corporate ladder.
Look at the current trends and one gets the feeling that MBA is hyped. There are many options for a graduate to carve his or her career path. One of the options could be opting to pursue a part- time MBA from a reputed institute or gain entry into Banks as Probationary Officers through their banking examinations. At end of the day we all want to have that bitch called " SUCCESS ."

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Its time for kick off .

Believe it or not, we may witness the presence of the " HAND OF GOD "man Diego Maradona or the Italian Maestro Paolo Rossi sometime next month. ( it appeared in a a prominent that the matches are slated this weekend , however when I called Bombay Gymkhana they said the information was incorrect and that the matches would commence only in November ). Either of these gentlemen would be accompanying the AC Milan Under 19 team to play matches in Mumbai and Kolkata.

If you ever thought that this was due to the great efforts of AIFF ( All India Football federation ) then you are positively on the wrong side. To say the least they " SUCK ." I hate all these politicians who run sports bodies and then one day after the olympics we all ponder the over the question "One Billion People but still only a solitary medal ." Isn't the reason very apparent ? . I am sorry but I got a little carried away .For me Football has been much more than a passion. As for the conduct of the matches I must thank
the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

I fail to understand why the matches are not conducted in Goa or for that matter Kerala where people love their fish, fenny and football. Kolkata is an automatic choice . But Mumbai where the seating capacity at the Cooperage stadium is hardly 1000. If you do not agree with me please pay a visit to the Cooperage Stadium whose non availability ( I thank god a zillion times for that ) led to Bombay Gymkhana becoming the choice for the venue in amchi mumbai. Anyways I am not complaining since, I need not go to Goa or for that matter Kerala to witness the magic.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting Started
So, finally I have decided to start my own blog. For a change my grey cells would be exercised.
You become quite a mechanical person after working at a call center for 18 months.
a couple of days back happened to watch a movie" main meri patni aur woh " featuring rajpal yadav and the bengal beauty rituparna sengupta. well let me tell you that i am not a great hindi film buff. just that i could hang out with some of my batchmates mademe watch the movie. Well the concept of the movie is trulygood but not new. This film is a remake of a malayalam classic " Vadaknoki Yanthram " ( if i remember correctly) by Tenga Shrinivasan. This picture was a massive hit in Malayalam.
However in Hindi its a disaster. You cannot blame the actors for the same. To a large extent its the scriptwriter. Sometimes I think that comedy in Hindi films
has died . anyways when was it alive ??