Thursday, June 07, 2007

IIM L GD / PI experiences

For the uninitiated, had received a call from IIM-Lucknow for the WMP program conducted in Noida.

GD : The topic of discussion was " Whether governments should encourage the use of open source softwares ? "

We were 6 of us and 15 minutes gave each of us a lot of opportunity to express our views, though in between their was a slight confusion when a participant quoted " Google Earth " as a open source software. Now their is an essential difference between a open source code software, freeware and shareware. As far as the topic was concerned I adopted the middle path quoting pros and cons for both and was happy that had not committed any blunder.

After the GD we were asked to wait outside and were served with cold drinks :-)

Interview : 2 professors P1 and P2 who were also their for the GD .

Me : Knock, Knock.... May I come ?
P1 : Yes, yes .... Take your seat .
Me : Thank you.( Take seat and wish both of them )
P2 is least concerned to what I am saying ... He is browsing through some files ( Probably mine)
P2 : Can I have a look at your certificates and marksheets and eh your salary slips also ?
Me : Sure Sir... Hand it over them.... P1 gives a dirty look to me so as to say that you are so disorganised . ( Anyways by this time I feel a bit comfortable and the butterflies would have taken a break )
P2 : So tell me about yourself .
Me : Blah ... Blah ( had ratofied it )
P1 : So why do you want to join this programme ?
Me : Told him that after 12th itself I wanted to do an MBA ( big mistake ) .... hence took up BMS + 3-4 work ex
told about my future plans and how IIM L can help me in that also praised Lucknow a great deal.
P2 : Not convinced .... why BMS .... looks at my marks( they are horrible ) you have not done justice to the opportunities you have got in your BMS . Your marks are pretty low. You won't be able to take on the rigour here .why don't you give CAT and apply for the regular 2 year course ( as if they have a seat reserved for me ) , you can earn much more than what we do .
Me : Sir I understand that, however please understand that this is something I have been planning for a long time ... blah ... blah
P1 : no but why specifically this programme
Me : (abhey kya inko samjta nahin hain kya ) As I told earlier ....... blah blah
( Least expected that my interview would branch out to my acads ) Also added that" the marks mentioned do not justify the potential manager in me ." ( 2 nd big mistake )
P2: Brilliant answer .... ( me surprised ) ... so why do you want to do an MBA in that case.. you already have the capability to manage. gave me some examples. ( Shot myself i guess)
Me: No sir I want to acquire technical skills , blah blah ...
P1 : Let me tell you that many guys have flunked this programme, so be prepared to work hard (me :-) .. P2 doesn't like it ) in case you get selected :( .
P2 : Tell me something about the work you do.
Me : ( well prepared for this ) Gave him a very short answer. ( Expected the panel to quiz me on this ) No questions asked . ( Mistake and perhaps the biggest ... must have elaborated my job )
P2: What is this quizzing and philanthropy ?
Me: Explained .
P2 : That's all from us . You can take your certificates . All the best.
Me : Thank you .

Overall a very poor show. Would give myself not more than 3.5 / 10 and am pretty confident that I won't make it to the program. Anywhichways was a good experience and hope to handle my interviews better in future.