Sunday, November 27, 2005

Genious Profile !

Its been just 3 weeks since I have joined my new office down town and its more of a honey moon period right now. The work flow has not really started to come and as of now most of the time I end up having a good time in the pantry !
The other day I saw a middle aged man wearing a smart suit without a tie approaching a couple of us in the canteen. By the look of it we understood that he was some senior guy in the office. he had this unique spunk in him. He smiled to us and introduced himself as a Head of one of the departments. He said that he had this habit of meeting new joinees informally. So thus started a round of introduction in which he asked for our educational background and workex. Though he was not very pleased when I told him this was my 4th job in two years. Further he also asked about our goals and our job profile here. Heard all of us very patiently and gave some gyan on the various happenings in our organization. He told that he was the incharge of all the committees . While mentioning the committees he also told that their was a quiz committee. That was enough. I jumped on the table and told him that I was very much interested in joining the quiz committee. He was about to leave when my friend asked him how to reach where he was . He smiled back . But my friend , also a CAT aspirant who has this inane habit of asking people from which B school they had graduated from was not content with the smile. He inquired for the qualifications of the person . The answer followed.
He told that was a graduate of BITS Pilani and at the age of 23 he passed his IAS. I was full of respect for him immediately. The story had just started for all of us. He further told that us he was a COLLECTOR of a district in Kerala. He then added that he was part of the committee / group which established IIM - Khozikhode. My mind went back to last years CAT which I screwed up. Me and my colleagues were spell bound by now. PC Sarkar was more predictable. The man however had not replied to the original B school question. Then he said that he left IAS some time back and did his MBA from London School of Business. After his MBA he had worked as an analyst with some top European firm in UK for some years . By this time I had become a complete fan of him . We were just spell bound and mesmerised.
What else do you expect from a languid graduate whose dreams are unlimited ?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If you are honest, then get ready to be Killed.

If you are still wondering , then you would be extremely sad & agitated to know the fate of one Indian Oil Corporation official Mr. Manju Nathan who was shot dead because he did his duty and opposed corruption in petrol pumps in U.P. All of 27 years this IIM Lucknow Jewel was killed reportedly for locking some petrol pumps since they were selling adulterated petrol.May his soul rest in peace.This is similar to the incident of Satyvendra Dubey , an IITian who lost his life when he stood against corrupt practices occurring in the National Highway project.

So now the government companies should not even think about stepping into the campuses of IITs and IIMs for recruitment. Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer has questions to answer. It is open secret that lot of frauds happen in the allocation of petrol pumps and also adulterating it. Even the Indian army was not spared if you may recollect.

The profit centric media is only concerned about Abu Salem, Sania Mirza's press conference and also the CAT exam for getting into IIMs. But when a person from the same IIMs was shot not a single news channel deemed it fit to cover. It was only on reading Gaurav's blog did I come to know about this terrible incident. Only today for the first time did I see a report on NDTV. Our media only shows what sells. They are least concerned about the welfare of society. We need to condemn this incident in the strongest manner possible and pass this information to as many people as possible.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sreesanth - Kerala's new poster boy ?

Apart from the news of Kerala making it to the Q-Finals of the 60th Santosh trophy Finals , the one making the real headlines is that of a young cricketer, Sreesanth who has made it to the Indian Team. This is the first time that Cricket has overshadowed Football in the coastal state. That also at a time when the Santosh Trophy tournament is being held in Kerala itself . Mallus everywhere are very proud that someone from their state has made it to the big league. But if memory is correct we also had people like Abey Kuruvilla representing the Cricket national team. They say that when two Mallus come together you end up having three different views. However in this particular case everyone seems to be singing the same line . So what makes this young guy so special ?

Everyone was in high praise for this lad when he bowled decently in the first match of the Indo-Lanka series. That is fine. However in just about a single performance people have started to compare him with greats like Srinath ( one who established his authority after consistent performances over a period of 10 years and bowled excellently given the condition of pitches in India. ) . When a master like Ganguly has been shown the exit door inspite of being the best captain for India shows that the time has come perhaps when the "Cricketer Life Cycle " is shortened drastically. So what makes a ordinary malayali still talk about the Sreesanth ?

My view is that Kerala in the recent past has not been able to produce a cricket player who has the talent and energy to make it unfold on the big stage. They see Sreesanth as a player who is going to be part of the team for a permanent basis and serve India for a long time to come. If it does happen that way then I am sure that we may see more quality players coming from that part of the state. I hope people don't jump a little too much as it is early days yet for making any judgement.
As they say cricket is a funny game and anything is possible ! ( Believe me football is much funnier ). Here's wishing Sreesanth all the best for his future.