Monday, September 11, 2006

Return of the beast ...

Had been to my alma matar last Sunday to compete ... errrr... egregiously participate in the 6th edition of the Armageddon Business Quiz. A lot and I really mean it a lot has changed since 2001.

As far as the quizzing part goes it makes me dumbfolded to see some mindboggling questions being answered. Researching the questions itself is extremely tiresome but answering those questions is simply amazing.....I wonder if their is a change in the type of questions which was less of corporate history and more of some brilliant trivia (, Charlene Drain - thanks research ) . Oh yes this was the first time I ever travelled in the college lift and it was good to see the room which was reserved for corporates having AC, cushion chairs , glass boards etc. This was also the first time that I tasted the Masala Pav from the nearby Quickchef reastaurant and boy was it damn good ! And Dhananjay unusally did not pull the legs of the participants or utter the words " Brilliant, absolutely brilliant answer" . Anywhichways we love to see you hosting and winning quizzes.

Hope to start posting a bit more now that I know that writing blogs make lot of money. Down with Celibacy, the beast has come back !


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