Thursday, January 15, 2009


Two things shook me in 2008, one was the unimaginable Chapter 11 filing by our firm and the other was the dastardly 26 /11 Mumbai shooting war.

I hope that we construct a ring of steel that will keep us aloof of such rampage in the future. In the days subsequent to the attack their was anger all around and even I had drafted a post, venting my anger at all, media in particular . However did not publish the post at that time, because felt that it added only snob value. Recently came across the Axis bank's
website which mentions away through which you could contribute to the families of the slain security personnel. This isn't the one and only thing we ought to be doing, but is surely one which is of a positive outlook.

Coming to the Chapter 11 Filing of the firm, it was completely unexpected and took me off-guard from a career perspective. I was not sure whether to come to work , however my managers addressed our issues brilliantly. Till this point of time I was in a world of comfort zone, and my earlier plans for studying further were put on hold due to my sheer laziness. I regretted the decision of deferring my FRM exam. That all changed in one day and after some soul-searching I decided to give all the exams which tell then I had postponed starting with NCFM module Derivatives to the Financial papers in Actuaries. In the meanwhile our firm got bought by a big Japanese firm and all our jobs were saved. However the event posed a larger question on developing one's core competency and I knew that evetually it had to be in Risk. By sheer luck I recieved an interview call with a firm for their actuarial team & some of the questions asked were 1) How many ways can u provide to get the number of black telephones present in the city of Mumbai 2) Tell us the Micro and Macroeconomic impact of counterfiet currencies . Needless to say my interview was superb & I was offered a job in the actuarial team and have lapped up the offer graciously. However, with the joy comes the agony--- of leaving this firm, my colleagues, my managers ...........Indeed one ought to take tough decisions when it comes to career and it is high time that I pull my socks up.

To all my colleagues in the firm , may the very best occur for you guys and God bless all of you.

Before winding up the post, a few souls whom I am highly indebted, here are my personalized notes of farewell.

To Ajit: Without your support I could not have dream t of pursuing further studies.

To Suresh: I will always remember the support and faith extended to me .

To Shyam : I have always valued your advise noteworthy, may you achieve greater heights.

Hopefully, would start posting a bit more regularly .................till then...........ADIEU