Thursday, June 01, 2006

Football Fever.

So, the rain gods have arrived much earlier than what had been earlier predicted by our MET department ( no surprises there ) and as I go near the window grill to have a romantic peek at the first few rains I see a group of kids in a small vacant space playing Football. With Germany'06 less than 10 days away you need a shower to extinguish the football heat , don't you ?? Well it's true atleast for me .Seeing them I start juggling the football at my relatively new home only to be warned from dearest mom.

Back in my college days when we had the mercy of the rain gods me and my friends would bunk college to play soccer in the muddiest of conditions for no less than 3 hours and then go to a nearby tea stall to have a Tea and the Great Indian Burger ( err Vada Pav ) . My tryst with football started at a very tender age when I used to watch few local matches during my annual vacation trip to my hometown and then graduated in the 1990 world cup season when I saw the likes of Klinsman. Imagine my frustration 4 years back during the Grand Finale between Germany and Brazil when the electricity went off and I called up MSEB ( Maharashtra State Electricity Board ) to inform that a world cup match is going on only to get a reply " Yeh world cup to atha jatha rehta hai .". Would he have the guts to reply the same if it had been a cricket world cup match ?

Since the past 3 worldcups I have been supporting one and only one team to win the coveted trophy : ITALY . Hope they get out of their defensive clutches and make use the best of quality strikers like Vieri, Del Pierro, Toni and Inzaghi. Qualification even for the knock out stages would not be easy considering they have the likes of Czech Republic, USA and Congo in their group. But hope that the Azzuris have some luck on their side and the fever carries on till the grand finale.


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